The Worst Passwords of the Year

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December 12, 2017
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January 29, 2018

The Worst Passwords of the Year

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We go over this every year, and here we are with the newest list of the WORST passwords you can use.

This is important, because so many sites or accounts by a process called, “brute force attacks”. This type of attack will use most combinations of numbers/letters over & over until they get in. They only try for so long until they move on to the next one, so, we guarantee they have this same list to begin the attack with! Company SplashData projects that 1 in 10 computer users have used at least of the passwords on this list.

Many bad passwords are frequent offenders year after year, so will come as no surprise. The top 5 is, as you might expect: 123456, Password, 12345678, qwerty, and 12345. But some that make the list are seemingly more random or quirky.

We’ve flagged 20 such entries:

~ letmein
~ monkey
~ starwars
~ dragon
~ freedom
~ trustno1
~ harley
~ buster
~ ferrari
~ cheese
~ sunshine
~ tigger
~ merlin
~ banana
~ cookie
~ jessica
~ dallas
~ password
~ ginger
~ thunder

PLEASE don’t use these passwords. If you must, use some derivatives, using sporadic capitalizations or at least some seldom-used characters as well, including; %^@#”?~

No matter what, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP and BACKUP. At least then you will not lose valuable info.

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