ANOTHER New Way for Those Idiot Hackers to Steal from You!

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April 9, 2018

ANOTHER New Way for Those Idiot Hackers to Steal from You!

Have you gotten one of these extortion emails yet? Take a look at what we found in our inbox today.

Now, you know how much we love to tinker with these purely evil folk, but this one is fairly sloppy. First, maybe they find some details about you. It’s not too hard, considering how many HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of accounts have been hacked over the years, so, perhaps they might have found an old password of yours, or maybe an old address, but in reality, they have NOT FOUND A SINGLE BIT OF REAL INFO that relates directly to you. So, instead, they lie and try to use most people’s sense of a guilty conscience to conspire to take $$$ from good people.

We’ve had more than a few calls on this scam lately, so, PLEASE, DO NOT SEND THESE MORONS ANYTHING!!!!!! You are NOT alone. You’re safe, no matter what they say. Now, we will not tell you exactly what we replied to them, but let’s just say it was fairly spicy, and might’ve included some less-than-professional indulgences, but let’s also keep this in perspective; these people no real income, as they have no real jobs, living in countries that are less than average, and most likely walked on dirt roads to internet cafes where they ply their wares daily. Their only hope is to send that email out to millions of people, hoping less than 1% of 1% respond. To be honest, we’ve heard the extortion demand is usually $350-$650, so trying to get $1,000 does sting us a bit 🙂

The bottom line is, you’re safe. They have nothing…but an innate evil sense of right. Ignore them.

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