Are you R E A L L Y communicating with Paypal?

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January 29, 2018
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April 9, 2018

Are you R E A L L Y communicating with Paypal?

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Are you REALLY communicating with PayPal? We sure weren’t. We got this email trying to ‘help’ us concerning a fraudulent charge. It sure looked legitimate, until we hovered our mouse over the button instead of clicking on it.

If you simply hover the cursor over what link is in the suspicious email (do NOT click on it!!), it will show you where you will be going. If it does NOT show you, then, it really is a bogus email being sent to millions of poor folk, and a certain percentage of those people will click on it, as it looks so real.

In our case, if we would have clicked, it would take us to some nefarious website in the Republic of Tonga (really, Tonga), where a robot would be installing MANY viruses in mere seconds, designed to take over our machine, steal all info, including birth dates, credit card numbers, etc…then, the REAL headaches will begin.

Look, the way things are today, you WILL be contacted by a LOT of idiots like these kids who are intent on stealing whatever their grubby paws can reach. It’s just the way things are. No matter what anti-virus you have, it will happen. Don’t be overwhelmed, just keep this in mind; if ANYONE contacts you without you contacting them first (Microsoft, Amazon, PayPal, ANYONE), do NOT click on anything, unless you can hover over it and see exactly where you’ll go. If you are still unsure, simply 411 their phone number and call them direct. That remind us, do NOT call ANY number they might have in the suspicious email. Find their number yourself.

Call us with any questions and STAY SAFE!

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