Photoshop Gifts - A Unique and GREAT Idea!

Sure, diamonds might be a girl’s best friend and most guys that wouldn’t mind a La-Z-Boy, but if you want to get them a present they’ll really treasure, consider a Photoshop gift; truly one-of-a-kind, kept in their heart forever AND it’s MUCH cheaper than a 2 karat rock or a $2k rocker. We LOVE doing this kind of stuff. Ever want to be king? It's good, you know. Maybe you want your or a loved one's head on some celebrity's a nice way, of course.

Since Photoshop has become a verb, the digital world has opened up some pretty great possibilities, and Lake County Geeks® can make your (digital) dreams come true.Simply give us an image (either print or digital), tell us what you’d like (style of art, the feel, etc.), and we’ll create a masterpiece. We then put the image on canvas, aluminum, even engraved in crystal. They can be incorporated into whatever your imagination can think of. We've done images that are an actual 500 piece puzzle. One client's images were put on the 6 sides of a Rubic's cube. Now THAT’S a present!

We also repair images. That valued image of a loved one that is ripped or faded, even water-damaged images can be saved. Most times, we can fix them up and re-print them out better than ever. Maybe you want your Polaroid Instamatic pictures scanned into your computer so you can share them through Facebook or email. We've done personalized calendars to wedding invitations to birth announcements, and professionally done images are the perfect touch. Personalized images make powerful gifts as well.

The best ideas or projects we've ever had are from our customers, so give us a call 847-502-1531.


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