BEWARE Windows 10 & Apple Updates!

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BEWARE Windows 10 & Apple Updates!

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We;ve gotten a slew of calls over the past few weeks regarding (otherwise) perfectly working PC’s that were disabled by the latest Windows 10 or Itunes updates. While we appreciate the business, it’s such a tragedy that people did everything they were supposed to do, yet were forced to call a repair shop because of the problems CAUSED by the updates themselves.

In the “old days” — Windows 7 — if there was an update that didn’t agree with your PC, you could always go backwards and NOT get the update. That’s why people made restore points, which were accomplished easily. A few clicks and you were back up & running all by yourself. With Windows 10, you are FORCED to get the updates, whether they mess with your PC’s drivers or not, and when you try to restore to an earlier point in time, the operating system STOPS you from doing this. That’s why you’re forced to call professional help in, where we try and tweak a few files used during the booting process. Why does this happen? We simply can’t say. The first few times it happened over the years, you could chalk it up to technical issues. After the SEVENTH time, you have to figure it’s THEIR problem, and it doesn’t seem like “they” are in any big hurry to admit it was shoddy software to begin with.

But what can you do in advanced NOT to get messed up by their updates?

MAKE AN IMAGE OF YOUR SYSTEM and/or multiple copies (backups) of your most precious data. There are many great online cloud options to house your data, just Google the reviews to get the latest best options. They always change, as time moves along.

If we have to go to the “Nuclear Option”, then, we would have to install a completely new operating system. At least you will still have your files and life will go on. You’ll have to reinstall your programs, but the files will be safe, and that’s the most important, be it pictures of your loved ones or tax documents or business files or…you get the idea. If you have an image of your system, then it’s even easier to get you back up & running.

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