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***PLEASE*** call us before stopping by and make a drop-off appointment!

We're different. We realize you see claims like that everyday, but we really are. We don't have a traditional "brick & mortar" storefront, so we don't have to spend thou$and$ every month just to have a place to work. That allows us to offer Mac or PC computer repair, website design, and graphic design for $95-$125 per hour.

Call us, tell us what you need, and we'll direct you to the workshop closest to you. Mac or PC Computer repair? One minute you're flying around the internet or working on a valuable paper, then one click and BAM...something bad happened. You need to repair your computer NOW! The next thing you know, you're in a long line feeling VERY overwhelmed and at the mercy of some "Associate" who tells you they have to send your computer to Kentucky for service. We send your computer to a workbench in the very same county you live -- if you live in Lake County.

Virus removal can be tricky, as some places don't remove ALL of the virus, so a few months later you're right back where you started - virused. Most compromised PC's have hundreds or THOUSANDS of different programs running around your PC, causing it to slow down or stop altogether. We use many different programs designed to look in ALL parts of your machine for those bad guys.

Do you need data recovery? Yes, we can offer you a MUCH lower price to save those lost files and photos. Give us a call when your hard drive begins to slow down or freeze up altogether.

Graphic Design needs? We LOVE Photoshop and do everything a traditional print shop does, from business cards to brochures, but with a lower cost. Perhaps you've been considering a fresh re-styling of your logo or business card? We do that! Maybe you've been putting off scanning all those precious family pictures, or want to give your Mom the gift of a lifetime by colorizing some of their black & white photos. Thanks to technology, we can repair faded or even ripped up photographs and restore them to like-new condition.

Web design and development is a passion of ours. Targeting your Client and delivering your message to them AND making it all look good is where we excel. It's all about the branding, mixed with just enough intelligent social media.

Lake County Geeks® pride ourselves in quality and customer care for malware / virus removal, computer repair, website design and print design, as well as digital graphic design needs. Our services also include getting your small business I.T. help. Just call 847-502-1531.


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